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I run the Salvation Group of companies, which specialize in releasing sex and horror exploitation films, and I created and conceived the online all female collective, the Satanic Sluts. I also complain about the state of the world and the UK in particular in my blog.

Beyond that I struggle to make a living, drink too much, exercise too little and wonder at the slings and arrows that life seems to throw around, like some grumpy Palestinian throwing rocks at grumpy Israelis. I also direct the odd film, get banned for blasphemy, fight censorship, produce books, attempt to write a novel, run a nightclub, shoot pornography, create imagery, flirt with Satanism and have an unhealthy obsession with political extremes (Nazism, the Cultural Revolution, the French Revolution, The Red Army Faction, The Angry Brigade, Stalinism, The Russian Revolution, the Khmer Rouge, Fascism, Islamic terrorism, genocide, eugenics, totalitarianism and terrorism), which influence my creative work and which will be the subject of two books I hope to see published; The Art of the Political Nasty and Strength Through Design - Hatred as Art.

I also read Billy Bunter, the greatest anti-hero ever, thrillers, biographies.

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Salvation Media - Welcome to the world of Salvation, the Mother of all Vamps.
Nihilista Magazine - Offend To Defend.
Purgatory Films - For the excesses of your recesses.
Redemption TV.
The Satanic Sluts.
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